The Hybrid Library is our best value, #1 reviewed general sound effects library. We designed the Hybrid to be your go-to for daily use - a reliable source of creative fuel that helps you finish projects faster and produce better sound.

At 55,000 sounds (297GB) on hard drive, featuring free annual updates and full online access, the Hybrid Library is known as “The Sound Designer’s Secret Weapon” - an essential component of any cutting edge sonic arsenal. Sound & Picture and Designing Sound reviews show unparalleled breadth, depth, features and lifetime value. Sound designers, editors and engineers worldwide rely on the Hybrid Library to create the sound behind our favorite films, TV shows, games and beyond. And every year we work with Hybrid users to introduce new features and updates that ensure the Hybrid Library is always the most useful it can be.

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  55,368 broadcast .wav files 

  297GB on 1TB hard drive

  Full Online Access: 24/7 from any computer

  Rich metadata: optimized for pinpoint search

  293 Categories: spans the sonic spectrum A to Z

  Curated from PSE's world class recordists

  Free Annual Library Updates: digitally delivered

  100 downloads from our Online Library of 175,000+

  100% Royalty-Free

  PSE Warranty: includes 3-Year Data Replacement

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The Hybrid Library audio files include embedded metadata with detailed descriptions and categories to help you find what you need. The metadata is continually improved with feedback from our users and is compatible with all asset management software including Soundminer, BaseHead, NetMix, AudioFinder, Avid Workspace Browser, and many more.

Hybrid Library Full Metadata: PDF | Excel


"This library presents an amazing value." - Designing Sound review

"There is literally no way [users] will go without the sound effects they need when they purchase the Hybrid Library." - Sound & Picture review

"I'm astonished at how much faster I can complete projects that sound better than ever." - Nate Hoffman, BluFire Studios

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Technical Specifications, Compatibility & Updates:

Hard Drive: 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive - Mac/PC compatible)

Data on Drive: 297GB (totaling 600 hours of recordings!)

Online Access: 24/7 from any computer via the PSE Online Library

File format & resolution: Native Broadcast .wav formats: 24/96, 24/48, 16/48, 16/44.1

Metadata: Embedded with descriptive, uniform metadata for fast, pinpoint searches. Download: PDF | Excel

3rd Party Software Compatibility: Soundminer, Basehead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Avid Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Adobe Premiere.

PSE Warranty: 3 Year-Data Replacement Policy - if the hard drive fails within 3 years, we will replace the drive free of charge.

Updates delivered annually via email with links to .zip downloads.

Pricing Info:

Companies: $3,995 buyout or $1,295/year

The Hybrid Library is available to companies from 1-user to 1000's for buyout (starting at $3,995) and multi-user licensing (starting at $1,295/year). Contact us for a quote: hybrid@prosoundeffects.com or call (646) 706-7728 x10.

Freelancers & Independents:

We support freelancers and independent audio professionals with discounted pricing through our Freelancer Program. Apply here and, if you qualify, we will provide you with access to purchase the Hybrid Library for $1,995.


Ric Viers (Blastwave FX), Stephan Schütze (Sound Librarian), Ken Skoglund (Sound Control SE), Douglas Price, David Forshee, Jeremy Siegel, Team PSE
55,000+ sound effects
1TB hard drive
USB 3.0
Broadcast .wav files
Mac and PC compatible
3-Year Data Replacement Policy

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