World Cup Sound Effects Download Pack 2014

$ 20.14
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Welcome to the World Cup Sound Effects Download Pack - comprised of all of the footie sounds you love and need for World Cup Brazil 2014 and beyond! 62 professional sound effects for just $20.14! (yes, that is precisely twenty dollars and fourteen cents for the year 2014) From announcers yelling “GOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!” to caxirola sound effects of 2014 World Cup, vuvuzuela sound effects of the  2010 World Cup, Crowds Cheering, Crowds Booing, Train Stations, tons of actual football sound effects (aka soccerx sound effects), Net Swishes, Ball Smashes, Goalie Punts, motivating Footie Speeches and beyond.

Sonic Highlights:

  • 11 versions of a famous announcer screaming “Gol!”
  • Horns, Vuvuzuela, and yes Caxirola sound effects
  • Soccer Foley! Punts, Stops, Net Swishes, Smashes and beyond
  • Crowds Cheering, Booing, Inside and Outside of the Arena!
  • Motivational Speeches and Songs! Team Camraderie! Fan Mayhem!
  • Sound of Brazil
  • Is it Football? is it Soccer? Who cares! It’s the World Cup!

All sounds are delivered as 16bit 44.1 kHz .wav files and can be used royalty-free in any of your productions - whether a fan video or a feature length documentary! Now let’s play ball! Vai! Vai!

Track Listing:

  1. Announcer Yelling "Goal" with Commentary and Crowd
  2. Commentator Announcing "Goal" with Background Crowd
  3. Isolated Announcer Yelling "Goal"
  4. Cheers from a Team
  5. Crowd Stomping Inside
  6. Large Crowd Stomping in the Stands
  7. Huge Crowd Cheering on a Soccer Team
  8. Crowd Booing at a Soccer Game
  9. Soccer Ball Hitting the Net
  10. Goalie Punt
  11. Soccer Shot
  12. Soccer Ball Kick
  13. Soccer Ball Being Dribbled on Grass
  14. Soccer Shot Hits a Goal Post
  15. Caxirola
  16. Caxirola in a Large Crowd
  17. Caxirola in a Small Crowd
  18. Isolated Vuvuzela
  19. Extended Vuvuzela
  20. Solo Vuvuzela
  21. Vuvuzela
  22. Vuvuzelas in a Crowd
  23. Match Ambience Including Vuvuzelas
  24. Pre-Game Ambience with Vuvuzelas
  25. Crowd Before a Game with Vuvuzelas
  26. Small Crowd Cheer with Vuvuzelas
  27. Vuvuzelas Amidst a Small Crowd
  28. Train Station Crowd with Vuvuzelas
  29. Playing Soccer
  30. Team Motivation
  31. Team Singing
  32. Team Chants and Song
  33. Team Singing and Chanting
  34. Announcer Saying "Goal"
  35. Commentary and Crowd Noise During a Goal
  36. Commentator Announcing Goal with Additional Commentary
  37. Announcer Describing Play Leading to a Goal
  38. Goal! (Version #1)
  39. Goal! (Version #2)
  40. Goal! (Version #3)
  41. Goal! (Version #4)
  42. Goal! (Version #5)
  43. Goal! (Version #6)
  44. Goal! (Version #7)
  45. Goal! (Version #8)
  46. Goal! (Version #9)
  47. Goal! (Version #10)
  48. Goal! (Version #11)
  49. Large Crowd Cheering
  50. Crowd Calling for Defense
  51. Crowd Reaction to a Close Play
  52. Crowd Swell
  53. Large Crowd Reaction
  54. Air Horn
  55. Horn
  56. Long Horn
  57. Sustained Horn
  58. Horn Playing "Charge"
  59. City Ambience in Brazil
  60. Airport Ambience in Brazil
  61. Bus Stop in Brazil
  62. Brazilian Village Ambience