General Sound Effects Libraries

Enhance your workflow with a versatile, comprehensive, all-purpose general sound effects library - 100% royalty-free. With categories from A to Z, get access to sound effects you can rely on as your go-to sonic palette for daily use in any audio project.

Hybrid Library

The Sound Designer’s Secret Weapon. Jumpstart your library with go-to sounds at an unmatched value.

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Starting at $1,995

The Odyssey Collection: Essentials

Must-have general library curated from award-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.

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Starting at $1,195

The Odyssey Collection: Expanded

The next step in Odyssey: Mid-sized general library curated from award-winners’ private library. Includes Odyssey Essentials

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Starting at $2,295

Master Library

Our Biggest General Sound Effects Library

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Starting at $6,995

The Odyssey Collection: Complete

The complete general library that powers award-winning careers.

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Starting at $6,995

Pro Sound Effects Solutions

Inspire your organization by providing award-winning quality sounds to deliver your best work on every project.

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Starting at $495/year