Body Sounds

Authentic sounds of the human body from award-winner Mark Mangini.

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Many real-world sounds can be imitated with clever sound design, but when it comes to the human body, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Even Academy Award®-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Blade Runner 2049), with an immense library at his disposal, found his collection lacking in detailed, varied body sounds – so he set about recording his own. To create this library, Mangini recorded the sounds of his own body in an ultra-quiet environment with top-tier microphones to capture maximum detail and dynamics.

Body Sounds covers a broad range including modern versions of classic cartoon effects like whistles, snores, kisses, and burps; internal sounds like heartbeats, indigestion, and flatulence; Foley and interactions like pats, punches, claps; and a variety of mouth sounds including spitting, sneezes, coughs, and wheezing. Full of variety and recorded in high resolution, this library is equally useful for hyper-realistic sound editing and cartoonish sound design.

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  • 286 files (2.16GB)
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  • 24-bit/96kHz WAV files
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Included Sounds - Tags:

beard scratch, scratching, dry scrape, itchy, facial hair bristles, crackle, rub, air kisses, kiss, big lip smacks, squeaky, suction lips, juicy, sloppy, affection gesture, burp, growling belch, throaty ticking, wet, gurgle, digestion, clipping fingernails, nail clippers, cough, finger snaps, knuckle crack, mouth fart, urinate, whistle, poop, deep swallow, pop, throaty click, drinking, eating, heartbeat, hiccups, blow raspberry