Charged: Arcs & Zaps

Supercharge your sound design with electrical crackles, explosions, whooshes, and more.

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From rippling crackles and explosions of energy to unique whooshes, whip-like impacts, and textural elements, Charged: Arcs & Zaps packs a huge variety of expertly designed sound effects that are ready to use in film, games, and even musical sound design. Using real electricity sources including a Van De Graaff Generator, Tesla Coil, and Jacob's Ladder, Academy Award®-winner Richard King (Oppenheimer, Inception) has crafted a curated collection of Hollywood-quality material to assist your electrical sound design needs.

Just like lightning never strikes the same place twice, electricity never sounds the same each time. Almost every file in this library features multiple variations, so you can always find the perfect sound effect for any scene or use them as random variations in game audio applications without sounding repetitive. Some of the variations are so different that you can layer them together to create your own custom sound effects with ease.

Key Features

  • 34 files (80 MB)
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  • 24-bit/48kHz WAV files
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  • Richard King

Included Sounds – Tags:

energy blasts, sharp concussive hits, whip like thunder cracks, big impact, electrical, electric scissor arc zaps, arc rod sparks, deep crunching impact, focused booming hit, gritty thud, sub rumble, explosion, weapon fire, detonation, arc zap, electrical blast, engine fuel ignition, high frequency