Cheers & Chatter

Add life and vibrance to any scene with exuberant crowd and walla recordings.

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You can never have too many walla and crowd recordings. Every crowd and situation is different, so finding the perfect mood is key to creating immersive sound design that feels alive and authentic. Whether you’re looking for background chatter, laughter, applause, reactions, or sports crowds, look no further than Cheers & Chatter, crafted by sound artist Tom Efinger and his team at Red Hook Post.

Combining the best of real-world crowd recordings and professional studio walla, this library is sure to have something useful for almost any situation. Crowd sizes include small groups, medium-sized office and bar crowds, large party crowds, and packed concert audiences. A range of moods are represented, from hushed murmurs and excited conversation to jubilant applause, raucous whooping and hollering, genuine laughter and reactions from a real comedy club, and even a few angry and panicked crowds.

Key Features:

  • 542 files (6.9GB)
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  • 16-bit/41k, 24-bit/96k WAV files
  • Universal Category System (UCS)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Included Sounds - Tags:

large concert crowd, excited, medium reverb, swells of applause and cheers, screaming, whooping, loud whistling, walla, decays into chatter, audience laughing, sports crowd ambience, crowd cheer, baseball game, open mic, college girls cheering, 2 women talking, 3 guys talking, group chanting, muffled