Cinematic Darkness

Harsh, edgy, & evil sounds

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Cinematic DarknessåÊby Boom Library containsåÊdirty blasts, scary drones, digital glitches, synthetic screams, disturbing stutters, creepy noiseåÊ- the list continues withåÊmore than 15GB of high-quality sound effects. This library is seriouslyåÊnasty, disturbing, unsettling, evil, murky, harsh, synthetic and edgy.

Cinematic DarknessåÊwas co-produced with sound designer Sebastian Johnson who left his footprints in the world of sound design starting in the '90s with the first commercial library for the Waldorf Microwave and sound design for Ensoniq, Clavia, DSI, and recently for more than 40 blockbuster trailers in the last 4 years such as Gravity, World War Z, Godzilla, Maleficient, The Hobbit, Transcendence, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil 5, Star Trek & much more!

All recordings are royalty-free and delivered in 24-bit/96 kHz, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching, and fx processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision.åÊTo provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible all files contain extensive metadata.

Cinematic Darkness - Designed:åÊThis libraryåÊis destined to be the key for your next dark movie, trailer or game project. The name says it all: these sounds come to you as pre-designed, ready-to-use tools. It'såÊan impressive set of 750+ frightening and murky sound effectsåÊlike booms, deep hits, evil screams,åÊtension builders and much more.

All sounds were designed by using the source files of the Construction Kit.åÊSave time by applying them directly to whatever gloomy scene is on your list.

Cinematic Darkness - Construction Kit:åÊLove creating unique sound and expressing your very own style through your individual soundscapes? Visited so many murky places in your imagination but you‰۪re still lacking the suitable audio? This libraryåÊdelivers high-quality source sounds thatåÊhave been waiting to fall into your creative hands. It's theåÊideal tool kit for any dark scene you can think of in a trailer, movie, presentation or game - these sounds cut a memorable figure.

This libraryåÊis bursting at the seams with more than 1,950 brilliant HD sounds of all kinds of gloomy madness:åÊbass drops, blasts, drones, glitches, impacts, risers, screams, stutters, tensionåÊand whooshesåÊare right within your reach. These sounds were created withåÊrare and vintage analog devices such as the Ampex AG-440 analog tape recorder from 1969, the NED Synclavier, Yamaha CS-60, Rhodes Chroma, E-Mu Emulator II, ‰ÛÒ just to mention a few of them. On the side of compressors, filters and effects, we used the Lexicon 224 Reverb, Publison Infernal Machine 90, Rockruepel Comp 1 (limited to 50 pcs worldwide), Eventide H8000FW and many more to design the unique sound we had in mind. Treat those sounds with your own kind of dark character and grow into excellence.

Use this library as a stand-alone or combine it with one of Boom'såÊotheråÊCinematicåÊlibraries to have even more flexibility: Trailers, MetalåÊandåÊHitsåÊare all full of breathtaking sounds.

Key Features:

  • Bundle: Designed + Construction Kit (15GB+)
  • Designed: 750+ sounds,åÊ120+åÊfiles (5GB+)
    • 6 variations per file
  • Construction Kit: 1,950+ sounds, 325+ files (10GB+)
    • 6 variations per file
    • Analog processing
  • 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • Descriptive Soundminer metadata