Cosmic Echoes

Retro sci-fi sound effects from the vault of film sound legends Ann Kroeber & Alan Splet.

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Travel back to the golden age of sci-fi with this uniquely crafted collection of sound effects recorded and designed by pioneering film sound artists Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet (Dune 1984, Blue Velvet). This exclusive release brings you instantly evocative retro futuristic sounds from Sound Mountain – Kroeber and Splet’s extensive private recording archive.

Cosmic Echoes comprises a wide spectrum of classic sci-fi sounds that are beloved by sound designers and fans alike. Robot bird song, radio static, and retro arcade game bleeps sit alongside powerful photon zaps, crackling force fields, and pulsating electronic tones. If authentic vintage beeps, whirrs, hums, swells, or chirps are what you’re looking for, chances are this is the library for you, with its vast array of high-resolution analog sci-fi gold to transport your audience to new dimensions.

Key Features:

  • 151 files (2.37GB)
  • View Sound List
  • 24-bit/96kHz WAV files
  • Descriptive embedded metadata
  • Universal Category System (UCS) ?
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Included Sounds - Tags:

energy transformation, riser, power cycle sweeteners, reversed pitch up tones, computer Chatter, Retro arcade game bleeps, tone sequences, roaring hum, fighter craft pursuit, swell, fast pass by, noisy tone, doppler, deep space scanning, beep tone, old satellite signal transmission, rocket thruster roar, ignition, single seater fighter, mothership launch, engine whine power up, futuristic gunshots, alien music, whoosh