Design the sound of futuristic tech and communications with electronic sound effects from award-winner Mark Mangini.

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Digital technology, communications, and robotics are all great opportunities for sound to help tell a story. A radio transmission can be made to feel crisp and clear, or fuzzy and weak. Sound design choices for a robot or AI can mean the difference between a friendly droid and a powerful rogue program. Academy Award®-winning sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Mad Max: Fury Road) created Data to serve all of these purposes and more. In this library, you’ll find a range of technology-inspired sounds that are ready to use right out of the box and also make great layers for more complex sound design.

Data contains a broad selection of material for both high-tech and low-tech sound design - an assortment of electronic chirps, speech-like robotic chatter, fluttery electronic transmissions, garbled radio signals, stuttery bursts of noise, and dynamic, Matrix-like data swirls and pass bys. Whether you’re designing futuristic technologies, hacking scenes, real-world communications, or anything in between, this library has what you need (and more).

Each sound file is embedded with rich, UCS-standardized metadata to help you find the exact sound effect you need with fast, pinpoint search. Advanced metadata fields ensure compatibility across any database search platform such as SoundQ, Soundminer, BaseHead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Reaper, Adobe Premiere, and beyond.

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  • 49 files (495 MB) ?
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  • Descriptive embedded metadata
  • 24-bit/96kHz
  • 100% royalty-free

Included Sounds – Tags:

robot voice, high pitched data chatter, warbles, burbles, computer language, short bursts, data chatter, fast clicking, printing, data bursts, fast buzzy static, telemetry, short probe, low mid oscillations, chittering