Stressed & crashed materials

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Bundle Designed Construction Kit

The Destruction sound effects library by Boom Library will be the baton for your own destructive masterpiece! Start with a small car crash where crushed metal meets hard rock. Imagine the fateful sound of a stressed glass pane right before it bursts into pieces. Think bigger – like a wooden cabin that gets smashed under a falling tree. Think of collapsing skyscrapers that crumble into dust. A whole ship moaning and groaning before it bursts and breaks into pieces – your possibilities are countless.

This Destruction Bundle offers the perfect toolkit to easily design those kinds of scenarios with more than 7GB of high-quality source recordings (Construction Kit) and 300+ pre-designed “ready-to-use” sounds (Designed). The Bundle not only allows full flexibility, but also gives you a benefit in price. Leave your audience gasping for air and take them right into the center of Destruction.

All recordings are royalty-free and delivered in 24-bit/96 kHz, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching, and effects processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision. To streamline your workflow and help you quickly find the sound you need, all files contain well-grounded Soundminer metadata.

Destruction - Designed: As always, the Designed collection provides you with ready-to-use, pre-designed sounds for instant awesomeness: 70+ files, each with 4 versions to ensure flexibility and alternation. Don’t have the time to build your own apocalyptic rampage? Boom's award-winning sound designers prepared this devastating pack of sounds for you, each of them a high-quality composition of destruction. Get ready for crashes and stress sounds of buildings, cars, glass, ice, metal, rock & wood - all of them in different sizes to perfectly fit your scene. 

Destruction - Construction Kit: Want to cause some epic havoc? Then the Construction Kit collection is the perfect companion for your very own and unique sound design. At 7GB, the Construction Kit offers recordings of shattering and stressed glass, porcelain, wood, ice, metal, plastic, rock and more - using a 20-foot forklift to increase the potential energy before smashing everything on the ground. Boom also recorded a quarry explosion with about 50,000 tons of rock falling to the ground, and they visited Germany’s leading school for pyrotechnicians to record some high-quality explosions. 

Key Features:

  • Bundle: Designed + Construction Kit
  • Designed: 300+ sounds, 70+ files
    • Stressed and crashed metal, wood, glass, ice, rock, etc.
  • Construction Kit: 1,400+ sounds
    • Extensive arsenal of stressed and crashed materials
  • 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • Effective workflow: descriptive Soundminer metadata
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)

What’s the difference between Designed and Construction Kit? Learn here.