Pro Sound Effects Essentials

Go-to sfx to enhance any project

5,078 sounds63GB24-bit/48kHz

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$ 999.00
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Listen to sounds from Pro Sound Effects Essentials:

Introducing the Pro Sound Effects® Essentials Library:

The right sounds bring stories to life, engage audiences, and help turn your projects into unforgettable experiences. We designed Essentials to be your go-to library for enhancing the sound behind any video, music or audio project.

Pro Sound Effects Essentials includes over 5,000 hand-picked sound effects from our entire library and represents our best, most useful, reusable, and versatile selection. From ambiences to transitions, explosions to whooshes and well beyond, know you have a trusty sound pallette you can consistently rely on to enhance story, feeling and impact. 

Developed exclusively for AVID, Essentials is the must-have sound effects library that delivers a lifetime of value for any Media Composer or Pro Tools user.


  • 5,078 sound effects in 181 categories
  • 63GB of 24/48 .wav files
  • Optimized Metadata for Quick Search
  • Download full sound list
  • Search in Workspace & Browse in Bins
  • 100% Royalty-Free use on any project
  • Delivered via download
  • Physical delivery available via flash drive (additional $40 + shipping)

100% Royalty-Free Sound Effects for...

Sound Designers:
Upgrade your creative tools and deliver your best sound. Know you have professional sound effects you can use on any project, always right at your fingertips.

Video Editors:
Give your story maximum impact. Impress your clients and enhance the visual with transitions, explosions, whooshes, applause and more! Quickly find sound effects useful in any scene.

Music Producers:
Enhance your creative possibilities! Throw a whip on a snare, mix a helicopter into hi-hats! Create with 5,082 royalty-free sounds at your fingertips.

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