Create whirring electromechanical sound design with vintage analog gyroscope recordings.

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From the archive of legendary sound artists Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet comes one of the most unique sound libraries we’ve ever released. While working on David Lynch’s Dune (1984), Kroeber and Splet visited the UC Berkeley Physics lab to record the distinctive sounds of gyroscopes - a fascinating instrument featuring a spinning disc inside a freely rotating gimbal. These devices produce a range of whirring sounds and electromechanical tones with different pitches and textures which Kroeber and Splet captured with a portable Nagra tape recorder.

This inspiring library contains a surprising variety of material that’s perfect for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, and paranormal sound design. There are mechanical whirs, low modulated hums, distorted buzzing drones, high-pitched whines, airy presences, and even metallic resonances reminiscent of gongs and singing bowls. Many of the recordings come from a custom-built FRAP contact microphone, a high-performance transducer that captures mechanical vibrations with incredible detail.

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gyroscope sounds, robot, frap mic, machinery appliance equipment, high whine, deep hum, whir, resonant, spinning hard low, ascend and descend, hum, steady speed, schoeps mic, gyroscope compass