Just Impacts

1,241 epic crashes, smashes, hits, booms & more

$ 134.00
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Bundle Simple Processed Designed

Just Impacts by SoundBits is chock-full of epic crashes, hits & desctruction! The Bundle gets you all 3 libraries at a special price - 1,241 sound effects in 960 files.

Just Impacts - Simple: This is a must-have construction kit whenever it comes to impacts and collisions in a movie or game scene. 618 clean, realistic recordings of car crashes, robot fights, sci-fi battles, or any other kind of impact that needs the right sound effect. metal hits, wood impacts, glass smashes, junk crashes and more!

Just Impacts - Processed: With 321 layered and heavily processed sound effects for maximum weight, this library will come in handy whenever something huge hits something even larger. Giant door slams, large hits, huge robot fights, heavy wood, metal drops and more.

Just Impacts - Designed: Whenever you need that sound to give your trailers, teasers, or action scenes the appropriate acoustic weight… here you go! 302 sound effects of everything from subtle heavy bass booms to brutally distorted, ruthlessly shredded, massive impacts.

Library Details:

  • Bundle: Simple + Processed + Designed
    • 1,241 sounds, 960 files (2.56GB)
  • Simple: 618 sounds
  • Processed: 321 sounds
  • Designed: 302 sounds
  • BWF-tagged, 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)