Just Whoosh

Heavily designed sounds for passbys, transitions & more

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Just Whoosh by SoundBits is a library of heavy whoosh sound effects.

This library is perfect for your film, music, or video game productions. Whenever you need to give anything that moves or passes by the right acoustic support and impact, this is your go-to library.

Just Whoosh contains 224 pass by, magic, sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, whoosh & transitions sound effects. From short, fast pass bys and magical fireballs to slow and heavily droning spaceship fly bys, this library has all you need to give everything the right intense sense of motion.

Check out the sequel to this library for more: Just Whoosh 2

Library Details:

  • 224 files (0.5GB)
  • BWF-tagged, 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio