Just Whoosh 4

Energetic whoosh sweeteners

1,614 files5.2GB24-bit/96kHz View Sound List

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In Just Whoosh 4 SoundBits sends forth an armada of 1,600+ highly-trained and bloodthirsty whoosh sweeteners, ready to beef up any feeble whooshes, spineless pass bys and wimpy transitions in no time, intensifying the motion and velocity of anything that moves on-screen. This collection features fast pass bys, magical fireballs, rattling steampunk vehicles, massive spaceships and more. All sounds are delivered in mono, stereo and MS for your convenience.

Experience the true power of the whoosh with Just Whoosh 4 - Full Force (1,600 sounds, 5.2GB) which includes all Just Whoosh 4 releases for maximum movement overload.

Just Whoosh 4 - 1st Strike features sounds including Noise & Interference, Rattles & Mechanics, and Spacecrafts & Sci-fi.

Just Whoosh 4 - 2nd Strike features sounds including Engines & Motors, Abstract & Fantasy, and Projectiles & Ballistics.

Just Whoosh 4 - 3rd Strike features sounds including Friction & Organic, Metallic & Dystopian, Synthetic & Artifical, and Water & Bubbles.

Library Details:

  • Full Force: includes 1st Strike, 2nd Strike and 3rd Strike
    • 1,600+ sounds, 5.2GB
  • 1st Strike: 537 sounds, 1.8GB
  • 2nd Strike: 545 sounds, 1.8GB
  • 3rd Strike: 532 sounds, 1.6GB
  • 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • All sounds delivered in mono, stereo, and MS
  • View PDF Tracklist