More Doors

Evocative door sounds from Academy Award®-winner Richard King.

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Following the essential Doors library comes More Doors - featuring vivid door sounds curated from the private collection of Academy Award®-winner Richard King (Oppenheimer, Inception). Impeccably captured by leading Hollywood recordists, this library offers a valuable assortment of distinctive door sound effects to add character to your projects.

The slow squeak of a hinge, the sharp click of a latch, the heavy slam of antique wood, the airy whoosh of a suction seal – each sound is a portal to more expressive storytelling. The collection brings together a diverse range of doors, from household staples like oven ranges and electric garages, to more unconventional selections like telephone booths, dumbwaiters, and freight elevators. Sliding chain locks, metal hits, and latch jiggles round out this collection to help you shape a rich story through sound design.

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  • 106 files (1GB)
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Included Sounds – Tags:

wood door, reverberant interior, antique, open, close, hinge, squeaks, creaks, swinging kitchen door, wood, shut impact, thuds, rattle, studio door, heavy, wall impacts, slam, garage door, electric motor, fast pulses, clicks, clatter, clunks, chain, hum, freight elevator door, metal scissor gate, latch click, rattly gate, wood screen door, latch, light spring creak, oven range door, loud metal squeak, screech, kitchen cabinet