Open & Close

Doors, drawers, boxes, bottles, zippers...

1,005 sounds2.17GB24-bit/96kHz

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Full Library (1,005 Sounds, 2.17GB) Part 1 (503 Sounds, 1.08GB) Part 2 (502 Sounds, 1.09GB)

The Open & Close Library by SoundBits delivers a versatile collection of sounds focused on objects that can be opened and closed.

In this library you'll find sound effects of doors, hatches, and drawers, but also many other sounds that will come in handy for everyday sound design work, particularly for cartoon and game audio productions. Additional sounds you will find are shutters, pots, umbrellas, water boilers, boxes, zippers, books, bottles, cans, and more!  And all of which include several variations.

Sounds in this collection can be used as they are or for building intense, layered sound design.

Recorded with Sennheiser MKH8050 and Ambient Emesser 208 MS microphones into Sound Devices 744T, 788T, and Sony PCM-D100 recorders, all sounds have been cleaned and edited in broadcast.wav (BWF) as well as embedded with rich metadata for instant searchability and use in your projects.

The full Open & Close Library comes packed with 1,005 high definition sounds recorded at 24-bit/96 kHz while there is also the option to buy the library in two separate parts.

Key Features:

  • Full Library (Parts 1 & 2): 1,005 files, 2.17 GB
  • Part 1: 503 Sounds, 1.8 GB
  • Part 2: 502 Sounds 1.9 GB
  • View PDF Tracklist
  • BWF-tagged, 24-bit/96 kHz HD stereo audio
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)