P-51 Mustang

Single-engined, single-seated American all-metal fighter plane

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P-51 Mustang by Boom Library holds recordings of a beautiful single-engined, single-seated American all-metal fighter plane: 1.5GB of various close and distant flybys, flybys to land, starts, idle and taxiing. 

In need of this very special aircraft engine tone - the one that carries this unique emotional sound? You’ve been wanting to add character to that historical World War 2 fighter scene and couldn’t find the suitable audio yet? This library will help you to create the extraordinary. These sounds are a must-have for your creative central and will enrich your personal portfolio.

All recordings are royalty-free and delivered in 24-bit/192 kHz, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching, and effects processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision. To streamline your workflow and help you quickly find the sound you need, all files contain well-grounded Soundminer metadata.

Key Features:

  • 34 files (1.5GB)
  • ORTF & MS mic setups
  • 24-bit/192 kHz HD audio
  • Descriptive Soundminer metadata
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)