12.5GB of intergalactic awesomeness

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Bundle Designed Construction Kit

Sci-Fi by Boom Library contains 3,900+ awesomely futuristic sound effects in light speed! With the Bundle you get the advantages of both the Construction Kit and the Designed libraries.

All recordings are royalty-free and delivered in 24-bit/96 kHz, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching, and effects processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision. To streamline your workflow and help you quickly find the sound you need, all files contain well-grounded Soundminer metadata.

Sci-Fi - Designed: Choose from a huge arsenal of ready-to-use sci-fi sound effects like powerful lasers, rail guns, plasma beams, unique alerts, ambiences, mechanics, energy fields, spaceships, etc. to equip your universe with the right sounds.

Need to hit the deadline for your Sci-Fi project but there are still some elements missing?. This library is the perfect choice for quick and professional sound design. It contains a vast variety of sounds pre-designed by Boom's award-winning sound designers.

Each file contains four variations of a single sound. All sound effects were designed using the source files in the Construction Kit.

Sci-Fi - Construction Kit: The range of sci-fi sounds in this Construction Kit is incredibly versatile. It contains sounds of servos, energy weapons, hydraulics, telemetry, fly-bys, electrical power, ambiences, alarms, mechanics, movements, impacts & more.

This is your toolkit for brand new futuristic sci-fi sounds. Create some breathtaking spaceship engine sounds, design awesome hydraulic and servo movements of robots and machines, both tiny and gigantic. Bring a whole space station to life with great ambience sounds, or unleash an intergalactic battle with a vast selection of laser, tractor beam and ion cannon sound effects.

Get this Construction Kit and you are more than prepared for your next sci-fi project. Each file contains six variations of a single sound to provide you with a great flexibility when forging your unique and convincing sound effects.

Key Features:

  • Bundle: Designed + Construction Kit
    • 3,900+ sounds, 700+ files (12.5GB)
  • Designed: 600+ sounds, 150+ files (2.6GB)
  • Construction Kit: 550+ sounds, 3,300+ files (9.9GB)
  • 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • Descriptive Soundminer metadata
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)

What’s the difference between Designed and Construction Kit? Learn here.