Something Creaky

Find the perfect creaks and squeaks for any context with this characterful library from film sound legends.

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When you’re looking for the perfect squeak or creak sound, don’t settle for the typical, overused creaky door sound effect. Prepare to be astonished by the quality and versatility of the sounds in this collection from Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, two legendary film sound designers known for their work with sound design-focused directors such as David Lynch. Whether you’re building a creepy horror atmosphere, bringing more realism to your Foley tracks, or doing creative sound design, Something Creaky has a huge variety of evocative sounds to choose from.

Something Creaky is packed with tons of different types of creaks, squeaks, and groans – each with plenty of variations, so you’ll never run out of options. The library includes dry, up-close recordings that emphasize the texture and detail of the sound, as well as recordings with more distance to help place them in a real space. Explore the sounds of different materials being strained and flexed, from the subtle creaks of wooden floors and stairs to the tortured groaning of metal hinges and abrasive squeaks of twisted rope and plastic. The sheer variety of unique textures and pitch envelopes in these sounds make for excellent sound design source material.

Each sound file is embedded with rich, UCS-standardized metadata to help you find the exact sound effect you need with fast, pinpoint search. Advanced metadata fields ensure compatibility across any database search platform such as SoundQ, Soundminer, BaseHead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Reaper, Adobe Premiere, and beyond.

Key Features:

  • 102 files (2.7GB)
  • View sound list
  • 24-bit/96kHz WAV files
  • Stereo and mono recordings
  • Universal Category System (UCS)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Included Sounds - Tags:

creak, squeak, door, floor, walking, twisting, rope, hinges, metal, wood, plastic, foley, texture, ascending, descending