Spheric Collection Vol. 1

High-quality Ambisonic surround recordings from various locations

300 files16GB24-bit/48kHz View Sound List

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Spheric Collection Vol. 1 includes 15 sound effects libraries of high-quality Ambisonic surround recordings ready for VR projects.

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The audio demos above are the HRTF binaural version of the recordings - use headphones for best results. Many possibilities are available with the source material, as the Ambisonics recordings can be decoded to your preferred format: mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, etc.

Ambisonic files are 4-track surround sound recordings that can be decoded via a software plugin in your DAW. You can choose to decode them before editing or dynamically in real-time. Pre-rendered stereo versions of all of the recordings are also included.

Spheric Collection Vol. 1 contains the following libraries: 

SC-001: Applause 1 - 19 sounds
Mostly recorded at The Olympia, a great concert hall in Paris, this collection focuses on audience cheering and reactions. From large groups to a single person, it covers any emotion felt during a show.

SC-002: Countryside Birds 1 - 20 sounds
Including common birds in Europe, this collection helps you to bring some life to nature environments in different seasons. Set the mood of your scene as a sad winter or a sunny day in spring by choosing the right bird song.

SC-003: Fireworks 1 - 27 sounds
Mostly recorded from the launching area, close to the mortar. Enjoy big boom and fuse sounds as well as more classic fireworks atmospheres. Or slow the recordings down for rocket sounds and loud blasts.

SC-004: Forest Atmosphere 1 - 18 sounds
Simple forest recordings to feel close to nature. High-quality recordings from very quiet places like Sequoia National park to more lively woods.

SC-005: Public Places Announcement 1 - 20 sounds
Any railway station or airport has its voice: train departure, security announcement... Every message gives space and credibility to your scene.

SC-006: Rain 1 - 17 sounds
It's raining today, wherever you are, in the house or in the garden. Surrounded by bad weather, you will need to dry off after listening to this collection.

SC-007: Room Tone 1 - 24 sounds
Sounds of silence. Use these recordings in your project and each room will be more realistic than ever. Ambisonic recordings are especially useful for these types of settings.

SC-008: Train 1 - 26 sounds
Beautiful rolling sounds, arrivals and departures. Some sounds were recorded in Thailand, in between cars, where security is not a big deal. If you need more secure transportation with a high speed train, enjoy the incredible French TVG pass by at 190mph.

SC-009: Train Station 1 - 17 sounds
Immersive, distant noises in a large hall with people walking by to catch their train. These sounds complement the "Train 1" collection very well.

SC-010: Urban Housing 1 - 18 sounds
More than just "room tone." This collection is about living in town; changing an apartment's common sounds into simple poetry. This first set was recorded in big cities including Paris and London, but also in quieter places.

SC-011: Waves 1 - 20 sounds
A sunny day with nice small waves on different beaches, and then the large waves come - big swell, high tide, huge waves splashing against rocks. It feels like there is a sea storm out there...

SC-012: Wind 1 - 18 sounds
An interior wind collection that is a must have. Set your scene with subtle winds howling and hooting through the doors and windows.

SC-013: Wind 2 - 22 sounds
A collection of exterior wind sounds mainly recorded outside with a wind trap. Be surrounded in your editing room by breezy, fresh air, and add virtual open windows in a theater.

SC-014: City Rumor 1 - 17 sounds
Far from the heart of town. Where you see the cityscapes in the distance. You hear the sounds of downtown deep and low. This collection is made for scenes set at the edge of the city.

SC-015: Underground Parking 1 - 18 sounds
An underground parking lot is a place where you don't feel safe. A squeaky door, an approaching car, or simply someone playing with keys. Experience the endless possibilities for creating space and depth and these recordings.