Mechanical and Foley recordings from historic and modern telecommunication devices

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With over 100 years of history in one library, Telephony offers sound effects from a diverse range of telecommunication devices used throughout the last century. This library contains over 1,500 telephone sound effects and phone Foley including: rings, dial tones, buttons, rotaries, switches, toggles, selectors, dials, pickups, hangups, receivers, handsets, headsets, operation, line jacks, drawers, card swipes, relays, shutters, timers, bells, coins & more.

Game sound design expert Stephan Schütze captured over 50 different historical telecommunication devices on location at the Telstra Museum in Australia, including telephones (rotary and pushbutton), pay phones, switchboards, exchanges & clocks.

This collection includes a visual reference guide for making selecting your sounds an easier process, featuring 62 images of devices in the collection accessible in the directory and embedded in each file. All sound files are embedded with rich metadata to help you find the exact sound effect you need with fast, pinpoint search. Advanced metadata fields ensure compatibility across any database search platform such as SoundQ, Soundminer, BaseHead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Reaper, Adobe Premiere, and beyond.

Included Devices:

  • Ericsson PMG Type 8-10MT
  • Candlestick Phone PMG Type 138 AT
  • Pyramid Phone PMG Type 232 MT
  • Ericofon
  • Siemens Transit Masterset 113
  • Gondola phone
  • Variable Tariff Long Breech
  • Victa Red Payphone
  • Payphone MMP Multimedia Phone
  • Switchboard Lamp Signalling
  • Cross Bar Exchange
  • BPO Mark II Speaking Clock
  • & many more

Key Features:

    Included Sounds (tags):

    Phone, telephone, dial tone, ringing, rotary, buttons, payphone, pickup, hangup, receiver, switchboard, switches, toggles, clocks, coins, shutters, timers, bells, telecommunication, call


    • Stephan Schütze (Sound Librarian)

    Product Notes:

    • This library is included in the Master Library
    • This library was formerly titled The Aviation Collection by Sound Librarian