The Foundation Highlights

101 popular & unique sounds from The Foundation Library

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The Foundation Highlights includes 101 of the most popular sounds from The Foundation Sound Effects Library, recorded by Australian game sound design expert Stephan Schütze.

This sample collection provides a range of high-quality, dynamic sound events useful for any form of media. The sounds come from a broad range of subjects and locations and include many difficult-to-obtain sound effects.

Download 25 free sound effects (16-bit/48 kHz) from The Foundation Library.

This library is delivered as 16-bit/48 kHz stereo .wav files as a download.

All files contain descriptive embedded metadata and are compatible with iTunes, Soundminer, NetMix, Pro Tools and any other other software and sound library search engines.

More Features:

  • General sounds collected in Australia, Asia and Europe
  • Unusual sounds that expand on the basics
  • Consulted professional game designers while cultivating the library to fit their needs
  • Includes sound bytes (elements), created specifically to foster the creation of bespoke sound effects and optimized for real time generated performance
  • Used heavily as an professional educational teaching and student production resource
  • Used in mainstream Xbox 360, Playstation, iPhone and PC titles 

Stephan Schütze's Credentials

  • Leading FMOD designer
  • Award winning composer (Jurassic Park Operation Genesis)
  • Contributor to: Organized Sound and Gems 7 publications
  • Lecturer at: Australian Game Developer's Conference, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Melbourne University, Digital Media Fund, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Freeplay and Games Connect Asia Pacific
  • Former Australian Defense Force musician