Tortured Memories

Evoke emotion with musical sound design from Oscar®-winner Mark Mangini.

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From acclaimed sound artist Mark Mangini (Dune, Blade Runner 2049) comes a brand-new library of expressive sound design: Tortured Memories. Using his extensive collection of musical instruments both common and unusual, along with a generous helping of creative processing, Mangini delivers a range of highly unique and inspiring sounds with a common theme.

Whether it’s an ancestor calling out from beyond the grave, a chorus of angels on high, beastly growls, or ghostly wails, Mangini’s sonic creations evoke moods by erasing boundaries between traditional sound effects and music. Tortured Memories encourages sound designers to think emotively and use the sounds to highlight feelings, hit specific beats, and underline themes.

To generate the source material for these high-concept sonic moods, Mangini used a variety of extended techniques to coax a range of “musical” sounds out of his instruments while avoiding traditional melody and harmony. After detuning strings, screaming at harps, striking drum frames, and even bowing a cello with a violin, Mangini used creative processing such as manipulating speed, reversing recordings, and saturating with both extreme EQ and a sheen of reverb to give the library a truly otherworldly sound.

All sounds in Tortured Memories are provided in Quadraphonic format, which gives them an enveloping sound in surround and spatial mixes while leaving space in the center for dialogue and other important sounds. With everything recorded at 96 kHz, you can further stretch and twist any of these sounds to suit your creative needs.

Each sound file is embedded with rich, UCS-standardized metadata to help you find the exact sound effect you need with fast, pinpoint search. Advanced metadata fields ensure compatibility across any database search platform such as SoundQ, Soundminer, BaseHead, Netmix, Workspace (Pro Tools), Find Tool (Media Composer), Media Bay (Nuendo), Reaper, Adobe Premiere, and beyond.

Key Features

  • 150 files (6.04 GB)
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  • 24-bit/96kHz WAV files
  • Descriptive embedded metadata
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  • Mark Mangini

Included Sounds – Tags:

Single Metal Hits, Singing Bowl Strike, Light Gong Tone, Bell Ring, Resonant Harmonic Shimmer, Revelation, Meditation, Spiritual, Percussion, Long Decay, Ancient Mystery Call, Swell, Reverberant Soft Horn, Vocal Tone, Mournful Groan, Harmonic, Distant, Ominous, Sinister, Supernatural Creature, Piano Hit, Note Cluster, Dissonant, Long Ringing Shimmer, Awakening, Realization, Flashback, Choral Swell