Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks

Doors, furniture, leather & more

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The Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks sound effects library by SoundBits contains 633 files that feature 1,000+ sounds of unsettling and unpleasant squeaking and creaking elements.

It’s a valuable collection for designing a vast number of different soundscapes in various genres, from simply using the sounds as general hard effects through science fiction and horror. You get heavy doors and furniture creaks, screaming dry ice, creaking leather, rubber, balloons, forks on ceramic tablets, disturbing metal squeaks & much more!

All sound effects are 100% production ready: cleaned, edited, leveled, and embedded with broadcast .wav file metadata.

Library Details:

  • 1,000+ sounds, 633 files (2.3GB)
  • BWF-tagged, 24-bit/96 kHz & 192 kHz HD audio (stereo & mono)
  • Download or flash drive (+$40)