Whooshes & Impacts 2

Expertly designed whoosh, pass by, transition, and impact sound FX

607 sounds1.93GB24-bit/96kHz

$ 28.00
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Original Library (607 Sounds, 1.93GB) Elements (300 Sounds, 1.52GB) Bundle (907 Sounds, 3.45GB)

This sequel to the popular "Whooshes & Impacts" by SoundBits features 607 expertly designed whoosh, pass by, transition, and impact sound FX.

From fantasy-style battles to intense sci-fi space combat, this library will give you a super-versatile collection of whoosh and impact sounds ready to use in your next film, game, trailer, or commercial.

The Whooshes & Impacts 2 – ELEMENTS Sound Effects Library features a re-designed and further processed selection of the sound layers from “Whooshes & Impacts 2“. Split into three frequency bands, this composite collection brings you production elements to spice up your own whoosh and impact sounds or easily create new ones from scratch.

You have a transition that sounds good but just needs some interesting movement in the low end for that extra weight? Just choose from 1 of 50 low frequency whooshes and layer it with your existing elements.

You get 150 Impacts and 150 Whooshes. The Whooshes come with one variation per sound, giving you a total of 450 design elements for your productions.

Delivered as a download or on a custom 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive (+$40).


  • Whooshes & Impacts 2: 266 files (607 sounds), 1.93GB, PDF Tracklist
  • Whooshes & Impacts 2 - Elements: 450 files (300 Sounds), 1.52GB, PDF Tracklist
  • 24-bit/96 kHz HD audio
  • Embedded BWF metadata